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York Clothing

York Clothing doesn't do clothes.  York Clothing does art, which just happens to be on clothes.


In the beginning...York, as any other unknown artist, wanted his art to be seen. Along with putting his art in the streets of L.A., he started drawing on blank t-shirts and wearing his own art. It's all he wore for years (and still does), making several new tees per week. He was stopped in the streets consistently and got comments from random people, many asking where they could get "that t-shirt". In 1997, York Clothing was launched, offering limited print runs of York's art on high-quality shirts, "wet-signed" by York. York also began his "1 of 1" line, featuring one of a kind, hand dyed, hand drawn (labels, too), numbered (1/1) and signed shirts. The 1 of 1 Line has been the choice of celebs and the entertainment industry, as a whole.  The 1 of 1 Line is carried in very limited quantities, at exclusive Beverly Hills shops, such as Fred Segal, Henry Duarte and Lisa Klein.

1 of 1 by Evan York
one of a kind, 
hand drawn, hand dyed, 
signed tees

An original work of'll have the only one in the world. York makes these personally, by first hand drawing an original piece of art directly on the shirt, including the labels. He then hand ties and dyes each shirt. Once dry, the shirt is signed and numbered (1/1) by York and goes through a final wash. No two are ever the same. Batches are made in a very limited quantity, four times per year. 

Printed/Signed (previous lines)
printed tees "wet" signed by York

York Clothing's printed t-shirt line offers York's art screen printed on tees, in limited quantities, with a new line produced yearly. Each yearly line produces 4-6 new designs, then the design is retired forever. All printed tees are wet signed, by York, on the backs of the tees. Tees are printed using an environmentally friendly process, that allows the printed area to maintain the softness of the cotton shirt, unlike the old plastasol ink process, which slaps a stiff layer of plastic ink on the shirt. Printed and signed tees, when available, are available at the York Clothing Online Shop. Click here to check out the current designs.


Retailers, please click here for more info.

Collaborative Tees
creativity merged

As with any artist, creativity is key. Two or more creative minds working together on a concept can give insane results. York's always willing to collaborate with others, mixing multiple visions into art.


Sheldon Black, one of the oldest and most respected high-quality manufacturers of glassware, collaborated with York to create art for a Special Edition line for Sheldon Black Glassware. Black and York are currently working on the 5th special edition series. Sheldon Black's collaboration with York proved to be very successful and led to producing a t-shirt line for Black. The Sheldon Black/York t-shirt line's 1st run sold out in record time. The t-shirt line is currently in the 2nd run. For more information, on the Sheldon Black t-shirt line, click here.

York Clothing Promotional Spots

Sheldon Black T-Shirts by York Clothing - Promos

York Clothing - Past Animation Promos

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