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Telling great stories, through contemporary animation art...done "old school" style. Every frame starts with a hand drawn piece of art. York brings a script alive. No detail spared. York's own animated short, 7 "Weaks", beat out heavyweight competitors', use of much costlier state of the art CG 3D animation productions, at the Beverly Hills Film Festival, winning "Best Animated Short Story".

Evan York - ANIMATION Reel:

Animated promo

Celebrity funny stories. (parking lot story). Created by Evan York  Check out the full length animated promo.

"Paparatzzi" (episode 1)
We show you what the papparazzi doesn't.
The hilarious animated comedy series created by York, exposes the behind the scenes antics of the papparazzi, themselves. As they stalk the stars, we stalk them and you get the "real story". Their fumbling exploitation methods, consistently backfires and the funny can't be denied. Check out episode one.

"Meat Hook" (episode 1)

York teams up with writer Sam Greene to create this very funny animated comedy series, "Meat Hook". Washed up musicians find new fame in North Korea, where the communist regime lures once popular US bands, by promising them a chance to restart their careers and hopes of new fame and fortune, behind its communist walls.


Once the bands get to North Korea, everything changes.  VERY FUNNY!  Check out episode one.

American Funny Farm

This animated comedy series, created by York, set in a classic talk show format, brings you outrageous, real life stories from real people, resulting gut busting laughter. You know you have a story to tell, but are you brave enough to tell it?  Check out the trailer.

"The Stone Heads"

 (episodes 1 thru 3)

Taking place back in the Caveman Days, The Stone Heads is an animated comedy series, created by York, that pokes fun at a society where cannabis thrives. Using vivid animated art, hilarious writing and crazy but lovable characters, York looks to truly let his audience relax, enjoy and laugh.  You bring the munchies, we'll bring the funnies.  Check out episodes one through three.

7 "Weaks"

Winner of Best Animated Short Story, Beverly Hills Film Festival

This award winning animated short; which was produced for Small and Creepy Films by Caroline Thompson (screenwriter of “Edward Sissorhands” and “Corpse Bride”) and Steve Nicolaides, (producer of “When Harry met Sally” and “A Few Good Men"), truly comes from the Blood, Sweat and Tears of Evan York. In "7 Weaks", York tells his own riveting story, after going through a crippling 7 week, 24/7, severe anxiety attack. York's, seemingly (at the time) never ending, nightmare documents the severe struggle York experienced.  It's real.  It happened. You're taken from the start of the attack, through its escalation and finally what appears to be the path of recovery. Tears and chuckles are eminent. York has received many personal letters, notes and cards from people everywhere, who have experienced some level of this type of attack.  It seems, York's story is one many can relate to.


As if the story itself isn't enough, York's animation style is captivating. This short took the "Best Animated Short Film", at the Beverly Hills Film Festival, taking the top prize, over tough competitors, using high tech, high budget production teams.  Check out the trailer.

"Toilet Travel"  Nightmares are real

This dramatic animated serious was created by York, based on his own childhood experiences. From his young days, York's imagination was more real than his choice. Growing up, York's surroundings could be described as unpredictable, scary and even dangerous, at times. When confronted with a hostile situation at home, York would "develop" a stomach ache, so that he had an excuse to escape to the bathroom...where he felt safe behind the locked door and could drown out the environment lurking just outside. York would simply sit on the toilet for as long as he could and let his imagination take him to a better place, where he was in control of what happened. Hairbrushes became spaceships; the toilet paper roll holder - a docking station; the bathroom counter, the mothership...York created his own environment and pleasant reality. All was much better, when escaping to the bathroom...until that inevitable angry pounding on the bathroom door, ripped York back into hell. Watch one of York's bathroom escapes here. 

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