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Above:   York poses with his street art, at the Bread and Butter Show, Bacelona, Spain

While traveling to international art and fashion shows, York takes time to get some street art out. Drawing in the streets means meeting people. It's a sure thing, people will gather to see what's going on, most wanting York to draw on the clothes they are wearing. York also stops by the retail shops that carry his York Clothing lines. The shops contact their customers, in advance, to let them know York will be in town and to come down to meet him, watch him draw mural art on the shops' walls, get some free art and to get their clothes drawn on.  It's always a mob scene.


Below are samples of promo videos sent to clothing stores in Europe and Japan.  Videos sent to the stores were looped next to the York Clothing displays.

Shows & Events in


York's international presence began in Japan, with York Clothing's 1st printed t-shirt line. Tours in Japan include art, fashion and trade shows; creating street art, drawing on people's clothes and giving away free art.

Shows & Events in


Tours to Spain, Berlin and Amsterdam include art, fashion and trade shows, doing some street art, drawing on people's clothes and giving away free art but most of all...meeting new people.

Shows & Events in

Europe and Japan

A compilation video of York's promotional tours to Europe and Japan, cut together.  

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