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Movie, Television & Music Presence

Above: York's art dresses a set for the TV series, Criminal Minds.


Watch closely. Since 1997, York's artwork has been commissioned by the entertainment industry, due to his unique style. York's art gets noticed...Hollywood likes that and has used York's imagination for their movie and TV sets, wardrobe and props.

Movie Presence

York's work was most recently seen in the Hollywood blockbusters, Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (artwork used as set props) and XXX (York Clothing "1 of 1" line used for wardrobe).

TV Presence

York Clothing has been used by stylists, on TV their series productions, for almost two decades; going back to the days of the Warner Bros. Network's Popular, Fox Network's Titus and Ally McBeal. York's clothing was recently used for Hawaii 5-0 and One Tree Hill episodes and York's mural art was used for two sets for the 2014 season of Criminal Minds.

Music Presence

York Clothing has a place in the music industry with York's "1 of 1" line's use for music videos and new album release promotions by Billy Idol, Aerosmith's Steven Tyler,  John Rzeznik of the Goo Goo Dolls, Melissa Ethridge and numerous band members of the Big 'Ol Nasty Getdown. York was also commissioned to do some promotional pieces for the B.O.N.G.'s 2nd album release.


York's had the opportunity to work with other celebs and notable people, over the years, including Tony Alva and Andy Richter, to name a couple. One of York's most outrageous commissioned requests was to design a "full back" tattoo for Frank Zappa's daughter, Artist Diva Zappa, who had York's art tattooed in pink, on her back.

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