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Evan York is an artist by every word of the definition. Art is where it all began for York. It's the center of everything he does. For more than the past two decades, York has dedicated almost every waking minute, to creating and growing as an artist, expressing himself for all to see, while inspiring others to make the most of their own artistic expression.

Evan York - Artist's Reel:

Current Art Style

This gallery contains a sample of York's current style and mediums. Focusing on new perspectives and depths, using "ink on paper", York progresses his portfolio.  Some of York's newest pieces are shown here. Click the picture to expand the gallery.

Past Art Styles

Constant growth, through experimentation with different means and methods, can be seen throughout York's tenure as an artist. This gallery contains a sample of York's past styles and mediums. The art in this gallery is in no specific order. Click the picture to expand the gallery,

Street Art

Since York's early days as an artist, he's wanted his art to be seen and enjoyed; but lacking any gallery showings, York took his art to the streets. York "hung" 100's of pieces, throughout LA, Japan and Europe for years, always labeling "FREE ART" on the backs of the pieces he put up. No piece hung in public ever lasted more than 10 minutes. Click the picture to expand the gallery.

Gallery Showings/Events

A small gallery of photographs of various showings and events featuring York's art. 

Below are several video compilations of York's visits to the retail stores that carry his York Clothing Line in Europe and Japan.  York's personal appearance always create a buzz. He'll often camp out at each store, creating promotional mural art for the stores, meeting fans of his clothing lines, signing T-shirts and even drawing on the clothes people came in wearing.  On one of York's trips to Europe, an impromptu fashion show broke out after over 150 people began cutting, tearing and wearing York Clothing T-shirts and marched down the streets.   The videos below show these events.

International Shows & Events (Europe/Japan)


Here's a short video of York creating a backdrop for an upcoming Art and Clothing Show, in Downtown Los Angeles.  York regularly hand draws mural "backdrops" for retail stores, carrying his York Clothing Line.

Quality Check

York documents the final quality check of a piece finished for gallery showing, a few years ago.  

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