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YORK's latest artwork:



A 102' long landscape piece as featured on the hit show "Criminal Minds"


Watch the videos below

Artist Evan York's 102 foot long drawing "The Connection Of Everything" featured on TV show Criminal Minds and Dec. issue of Juxtapoz magazine.

See it Here!  

ALL 102 feet of Evan York's Landscape Drawing

Evan York, art, artist, animation, animator, York Clothing

Evan York is an artist, by every word of the definition. Art is where it all began for York. It's the center of everything he does. For more than the past two decades, York has dedicated almost every waking minute, to creating and growing as an artist, expressing himself for all to see, while inspiring others to make the most of their own artistic expression.

Evan York, art, artist, animation, animator, York Clothing

York's award winning animation is as unique as he is.  Each frame of York's animation  is a piece of art in itself, drawn by York and added to the timeline to create a moving piece of art (the old fashioned way). Combined with York's story telling abilities, all make for an animation style, different than any other and makes for great entertainment. This was proven at the 2010 Beverly Hills Film Festival, where York beat out his high-tech (pixar-style) competitors for "Best Animated Short" for his own production, 7 "Weaks".   

Evan York, art, artist, animation, animator, Mardik Martin, 7 Weaks, Beverly Hills Film Festival, Best Animated Short
Short Films

York's produced, written and directed many short films, focusing his work mostly on documentaries and comedy.  Working shoulder to shoulder with Mardik Martin (writer of Raging Bull, Mean Streets and more) for more than 10 years, York learned invaluable lessons on how to tell a story and keep an audience captivated. York's documentary short, "Mardik: Baghdad to Hollywood", won several "best" awards, at numerous film festivals. York continued on, writing, animating, directing and producing his own animated short, "7 Weaks", beating out some serious competition for Best Animated Short, at the 2010 Beverly Hills Film Festival. Check out the trailers for York's awarding winning shorts, here.

Evan York, art, artist, animation, animator, York Clothing, Billy Idol, Steven Tyler, Criminal Minds, Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, Sheldon Bleck

For the past 17 years, York's art has been (and continues to be) a part of Hollywood. His art has been used for sets, props and wardrobe on numerous Film, TV and Music hits. Most recently, York's art was used for the sets of "Criminal Minds", "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" and Hawaii 5-0

Evan York, art, artist, animation, animator, York Clothing, Reebok, Sheldon Black
Commissioned and Collaboration

York's had the opportunity to be a part of collaboration projects with others; REEBOK most rewarding.  Additionally, he's been commissioned to paint murals for some well known locations in LA, Europe and Japan, and also has been commissioned to create artwork for some Hollywood elites.

Evan York, art, artist, animation, animator, York Clothing, Flash Mob, 1 of 1, t-shirt
York Clothing

Founded in 1996, YORK CLOTHING is one of Evan York's favorite creations. Why? YORK CLOTHING is art on clothes. Clothes are worn outside for all to see, exposing more people to original art. And it works. York's t-shirt lines get attention. From being worn by some of entertainment's biggest names, to it starting a 150 person "flash mob" in Europe, YORK CLOTHING makes an impact, wherever its seen.  What more could an artist want?

Evan York, art, artist, animation, animator, York Clothing, Flash Mob, 1 of 1, t-shirt, Japan, Europe, Amsterdam, Germany, Spain

York's International presence grew through his York Clothing Lines. Trendy clothing shops from Japan wanted York's designs; then Amsterdam, Germany, Spain and more. As popularity grew, the clothing shops requested York to come visit, so that thier customers could meet him. York now regularly does tours in both Japan and Europe, where he meets the clients, draws on their clothes and more.

Evan York, art, artist, animation, animator, York Clothing, Flash Mob, 1 of 1, t-shirt, WWD, LA Times, Apparel News, Womens Wear Daily

York has received a lot of great press, both in the US and overseas. His unique style of art and YORK CLOTHING have both been praised across industry and consumer press, world wide.

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