York's New Website and Blog Go Live! www.evanyorkart.com

After months of revamping, reorganizing and retooling, York's new website and blog have gone online.

The site, www.evanyorkart.com, exhibits samples of York's complete body of work, inclusive of his current and past artwork, his award winning documentary and animation styles and videos of his tours to promote his York Clothing Lines in Europe and Japan. There are plenty of videos and pic galleries, on the site, to entertain you!

One of the feature we're most excited about is the new BLOG! The Blog is the fastest way to keep up with York's latest endevours. Please be sure to check it out!

The new site also encourages "following" York on social media and/or joining his mailing list, via email (no spam), so that you can stay up to date as to his next exciting project (always with sneak previews) or gallery showing. Also, York has always made giving away "Free Art" a part of his journey and will be using social media and his mailing list to let you know where to find an original artpiece, signed by York...somewhere out in the streets. So, please sign up!

We hope you enjoy the new site. Comments, good or bad, are always welcome!

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